OCAMASTER Completed Set of MachineS for Screen Refurbishing, OM-K6 Edge, Freezing Separator, OM-F3 & OM-C2 (Free 6 Hours Training & Free Shipping)

OCAMASTER Completed Set of MachineS for Screen Refurbishing, OM-K6 Edge, Freezing Separator, OM-F3 & OM-C2 (Free 6 Hours Training & Free Shipping)

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OCAMASTER completed set of machine for screen refurbishing 

  1. OM-K6edge
  2. Freezing Separator
  3. OM-F3 
  4. OM-C2 

Free 6 hours screen refurbishing training.
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  • Included a set of three machines; OM- K6 Edge airbag OCA laminator and bubble remover, Freezing separator, OM- F3 Film Applicator Machine OCA Film Laminator, and  OM- C2 Polarizer remover & LCD Separator. 
  • Very convenient and easy to set up.
  • Essential machines for professional LCD refurbishing business.
  • Provided free 3 Hours in person training.

OM- K6edge "2 in 1" latest air bag OCA laminator and bubble remover machine


  • Model                          OM K6edge for 10 inches screens
  • Lamination                  Soft to hard (warm) lamination
  • Capacity                      24 seconds/cycle
  • Power Input                 AC 110V/220V Optional
  • Currents                       6amps for 220V, 12amps for 110V
  • Vacuum                        0.985 Bar
  • Air compressor            0.45 Mpa, Pressure 0.65 Mpa
  • Size                              52*35*37cm
  • Lifetime                       Over 5 years
  • Net Weight                   35kg
  • Factory waranty           12 months
  • Packin                           Strong carton box
  • Color                            White

Product Features:

  • 2016 Semiautomatic OM- K6edge soft air bag OCA lamination machine.
  • 10 inches lamination plate, laminate 4pcs iPhone 5 at once.
  • 4.7 inches LCD controlling system included the Spanish Language.
  • High accuracy temperature controller.
  • Airbag soft lamination: high security for both LCD and flex cable.
  • No need to bend the flex cable.
  • Apply to samsung S6 edge or S7 edge curve LCD.
  • Highly recommended to rework shop, fast lamination.
  • Lamination speed: 26 seconds/4pcs LCD.
  • Built in compressor and vacuum motor.
  • Built in the autoclave for air bubble removing.

Freezing separator machine Special for edge AMOLED/OLED.

  • Usage                          Cracked smartphone LCD repairing (special for Samsung edges LCD)
  • Power Input                AC 110V/220V optional
  • Lifetime                      Over 10 years
  • Factory warranty        12 months
  • Packing                       Strong wood Box
  • Color                           White


Product Features:

  • Freezing separator machine. 
  • Easy for a new user, one button starts.
  • Repair all the smartphones / tablets smaller than 13 inches.
  • CE Certificate.
  • 12 months warranty.

OM-F3 OCA glue & Polarizer Film Applicator Machine Laminating Machine 


  • Model                         OM-F3
  • Usage                         OCA or Polarizer applying
  • Power Input               AC 110V/220V optional
  • Currents                     2amps for 220V, 4amps for 110V
  • Vacuum                     <-0.85 Bar
  • Compressor               0.2 MPA < Pressure < 0.35MPA
  • Size                           42*19*22 cm
  • Life Time                  Over 10 years
  • Warranty                   12 months
  • Net Weight               15 kg
  • Packing                     Strong Carton Box
  • Color                        Black

Product Features:
  • A universal machine for applying OCA film on the glass or LCD.
  • Built-in vacuum pump & air compressor.
  • Upgraded vacuum motor, powerful suction up to -0.8 Bar.
  • The automatic machine, fast working.
  • Easy for a new man, one button starts.
  • Apply to all the smartphones smaller than 7 inches.
  • Easy regulating, no need molds.
  • CE Certificate.
  • 12 months warranty.

OM-C2 "2 in 1" Polarizer remover & Vacuum Screen/LCD Separator Machine 


  • Model                         OM - C2 polarizer remover & LCD separator machine
  • Usage                          LCD Separating & Polarizer removing 
  • Power Input                AC 110V/220V Optional
  • Currents                      6amps for 110V
  • Size                             23.3x20.3x31.2cm
  • Lifetime                      Over 5 years
  • Net Weight                  8 kg
  • Factory warranty        12 months
  • Packing                       Strong Carton Box
  • Color                           Grey

Product Features:
  • The latest model, OM - C2 polarize remover machine.
  • High security polarized film removal machine.
  • Easy operating.
  • Remove polarized film with vacuum to hold LCD.
  • High accuracy temperature controller with constant temperature controlling system.
  • 12 months warranty.

How easy to refurbish a broken screen?
Less than $5 cost & 10 minutes to refubish one screen. Low cost on your weekly inventory and make more profit
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Provide 3 hours FREE in-person OCAMASTER guaranteed training.  
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  • One-year warranty.