T & C

Terms and Conditions 

1) Warranty: Twelve (12) months warranty for LCD Refurbishing machines from the date purchased. We will repair/replace any part that is not working within 12 months (Please understand that it may take a few days to get the parts in from the factory).

Warranty on phone repair parts: 30-days warranty for phone repair parts, from the date of purchase. All our LCDs and parts have our company signature on the back. Removal of this signature, physical damage, scratches, water damage, or any other type of damage to the LCDs/parts will void this warranty. 

2) OCA Master USA LLC will not take any responsibility for the following: including but not limited to damaged LCDs, phones, devices, facility, or otherwise, that may be caused by screen refurbishing machines/supplies that we have sold. Customers agree to take their own risk in adopting this technology and refurbishing.

3) OCA Master USA LLC will not take responsibility for any damage caused by a customer using their own customized settings on the machines. It is in the best interest of the customer to please contact our support team before/after you set up the machines and run them for the first time.

4) We do not offer any refund or return for any refurbishing machine or supplies that we have sold. Please understand that there are no exceptions to this rule under any circumstances. 

5) Privacy and security: We may request ID, driver’s license, or passport to keep for company records. This information will be held secured for a period of time before it is destroyed. We will never, under any circumstance, share or disclose any sensitive information to any other party.

6) OCA Master USA LLC shall not be under any obligation to pay any customs duties, fees and/or applicable taxes on behalf of the Customer. The Customer shall pay customs duties, fees and applicable taxes on imported shipments prior to the shipment carrier releasing the shipment to Customer. 

7) OCA Master USA LLC cannot be held responsible and shall remain exempt from all liability for physical damage to a shipment, or loss caused by delay of delivery, when conditions beyond our or the carrier’s control are encountered during transit. Such conditions include but are not limited to: extreme weather and/or changes in temperature, acts of nature and God; breakdown or mechanical defect of vehicles or equipment; faulty or impassable highway; lack of capacity of roadway structures; highway obstruction or closure due to official action; civil disobedience, riots, strikes or lockouts; illegal or unlawful actions; unreasonable delays at the factories of production overseas. “Loss caused by delay” as stated above is hereby understood to also define and apply to loss of revenue, interest, market, and/or utility. 

8) Customer agrees to protect, indemnify, safeguard, and hold OCA Master USA LLC and its respective affiliates, subsidiaries, parent corporations, franchisees, officers, agents, and employees harmless against any and all losses, damages, expenses, claims, demands, liabilities, judgments, settlement accounts, costs and causes of action of any type or nature arising out of or in connection to the use of the equipment, supplies, and services, including without limitation any demands, claims, and causes of action for personal injury or property damage arising from such use, from failure of the Country of Origin postal services, other relevant postal authority, or any commercial courier service to deliver on time or otherwise fail to deliver any shipment, from damage to or loss of any shipment or account contents by any cause whatsoever, and from any violation by Customer of applicable international, federal, state or local laws. 

9) OCA Master USA LLC will not be liable for any penalties imposed or loss or damage incurred due to the Customer’s goods being impounded by customs or other official authorities, and the Customer hereby indemnifies OCA Master USA LLC against such penalty or loss it may incur. Furthermore, OCA Master USA LLC shall not be liable for indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, such as loss of profit. 

10) Please review the terms and conditions and our other policies before you sign and make payment. Your agreement and your use of our services and products constitute your acceptance of, and agreement to follow and be bound by OCA Master USA LLC policies and by the terms of use. The customer is deemed to have read and agreed to the terms and conditions. 

11) OCA Master USA LLC may amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time and without notice to the Customer. Any and all amendments to these Terms and Conditions shall be published on ocamaster.us and shall be effective on the date of publication thereof. Customer is responsible for checking these Terms and Conditions periodically to remain updated and in compliance with these terms. Customer’s use of the account after any amendment to the Terms and Conditions shall constitute acceptance by the Customer of the amended Terms and Conditions, and Customer also agrees to be bound by any such changes/revisions.