Why us

We are the future of the repair industry. Why do we say that? Because we have developed a way for you to save thousands of dollars in inventory, and increase your profits by thousands in your cell phone repairs store. 

The OCAmaster brand is an internationally recognized brand of premium quality screen refurbishing equipment. Not only do we sell the highest quality machines and supplies for refurbishing, but we also teach you how to stay.


Imagine throwing away an airplane at the end of each trip that it makes. That is a dramatic example, but it illustrates the point well. 

Why throw away a customer’s old cracked glass, good LCD (or sell it for pennies on the dollar), when you can reuse that same good LCD and make it into a brand new screen within 10 minutes, and for under $5 ?  This is the power of refurbishing.


Our patented airbag lamination technology allows for a less than 1% defect rate when refurbishing screens for iPhones & Androids. This not only sets the industry standard, but surpasses it. We can confidently state that no LCD/OLED refurbishing system in the market 

Airbag lamination cushions the LCD or OLED during the lamination process, and accounts for micro-curvatures within the LCD or OLED so that the final product is free of any bubbles, looks extremely clean, and most importantly, works 100%.